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June 19 2016: By Mohammad Abdul Jalil

USA is a Great country where equal opportunity exists with certain limitations. I have some special limitations with fear which blocked me from finding professional jobs in USA. City, Federal and State jobs have no age barrier but opportunity/guidance is very limited and processing time 3-8 years after passed/selection. Entire BD people/community (almost) prefers and suggest to have survival jobs because they are doing the same. They become stagnant. Under these circumstances, I put priority on my primary aim i.e. Kids education followed by their career. To keep my primary aim, I took a  survival job with New York City.

However, my mind was always giving reminding me of my past career, working areas, colleagues, environment, payment etc. Satisfaction with my present circumstances is difficult. As usual, I have found my old hobby to keep myself happy, busy, satisfied and smiling. I started Community development activities with my own money. I wish one day BD people will be in the main stream of USA. My initiative is very minimal compare with my dream. Lets people get help before being misguided, which I have experienced. Keeping on this view, I have prepared a “Job search Guideline for Immigrants”, uploaded on the “web. So far arranged 5 Job searching and exam guidance discussions and seminars with own money shared with Dr. Nihar Sarkar. Great/Satisfied, feels good. Please see the pictures and Doua for us.

Dr. Nihar Sarker: I met this great man who is working for the BD community development. He spend his own money and time for developing BD people and society.  Dr. Nihar organized all this job seminar, I just act and support.  Working with other community leader, to have some discussion or seminar but I am not able to convince them yet.

June 30, 2016: By Mohammad Abdul Jalil

In the cycle of life, every opportunity brings several things together. Creates joy, opportunities, making new friends, spending times, learning new things, opening new doors. Every move, from school to college to marriage to job to transfer to migrate; everywhere some common matters are visible.

Some people enjoy the good things in the beginning and start building the block with the negative things. Start collecting negative things like putting bricks one after another and one day realize the blocks are fall-down. They fall-down too, from the life and everywhere.

Some people enjoy with the current one and liked the current life, making their own comfort zone with the limited resources. Negative/positive nothing hit their comfort zone which resulted them stagnant in the life, which resulted retired with the same. After retired they blame to the systems.

Clever people, enjoy with current one, settle down with current facilities for some times but continuously look for the windows and doors to go out. Windows to jump to other destination for the better opportunities using the current one as platform. Use Door to become promoted to the next level and to promote to the next level in the long run.

I am in the side of looking the window more than door.


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