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About Owner : Mohammad Abdul Jalil

My name is Mohammad Abdul Jalil, MBA. I am experienced mainly in Supply Chain Management. I have worked 18 years with Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Companies, involved with offshore and onshore exploration projects. Over 8 years worked with Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) under Canadian High Commission of Bangladesh. Over 20 Years worked as counterpart with GOB high officials (ministries) on Company/Business matter/policies. Have expertise in expediting, government compliance, managed department, accounts, HR, logistics, procurement, contract, freights and shipping. Companies worked with Cairn Energy PLC of United Kingdom, Royal Dutch Shell, ConocoPhillips and Halliburton of United States, Chinese National Oil Company (CNPC)/BGP. Capacity worked as Country Coordinator, Department Head, Project Member and as worker. Worked in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh and Thailand.

Associates with running projects as Consultant: 2 Offshore 3D Seismic acquisition projects in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh for the companies Indian National Oil and Gas Company (ONGC) via Sub-contractor Sinopec/CNPC of China and POSCO Daewoo of Korea. I am remotely involved with Oil and Gas Projects in Bangladesh through Upstream and Downstream Services of Bangladesh.

Project Completed as an Associates of the Projects, Capacity Logistics Manager:

  • Onshore Drilling 3 Wells, Offshore Drilling  20+ Wells including development of an offshore Gas Field.
  • Construction of Offshore Production Platform with 50 KM offshore Pipeline
  • 8 Offshore and onshore Seismic acquisition Campaign (over 50000 Km of Seismic Line) for Cairn Energy, UK and Halliburton USA
  • Lead a Logistics and Permit Team with 15 Officers. Arrange Due diligence for the Operatorship transfer, secure project operation permit, import/export, logistics permit and shipping permits.
  • As Country Coordinator, Completed 1500KM 3 D Seismic acquisition the Bay of Bengal Bangladesh for Oil Company SANTOS Australia, on behalf of BGP International China.
  • Involved with Operatorship changes of 2 Oil Companies Shell Oil, Netherlands and Cairn Energy PLC of UK
  • Took part in Contact Negotiation, hiring Logistics Contractor, Preparation of Logistics Plan for drilling and Seismic acquisition projects and Hiring of Chartered vessels

I moved to NY, USA as an Immigrant and currently working with NYPD as Civilian Member. I have anchored with a survival job considering family circumstances. I enjoy working for new things, undertaking new projects, taking challenges and helping others to have work. All my assistance through this site is voluntary.

My personal Profile may be viewed via Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/md-abdul-jalil-86425ba


Other Two Organizers/Supporters of Job Assistance Programme:

Nihar Sarkar: “I am Dr. Nihar Sarkar, MBBS, MPH, MA; from Bangladesh, currently working an Epidemiologist in the Department of Health, City of New York. I get satisfaction by working sincerely and staying with my family and helping others with my limited capacity. I get the highest satisfaction when I see a person obtain a job where I have played some role. I know that I can not change the society as a whole, but I believe my little guidance to individual can make a big change in his/her life. May God help and save us all”.

Mr. Abdul Bari Sikder (Mukul): Mr. Mukul associate in different social activities in past and present. He willingly wishes to support us on our activities where possible for him. We have agreed to continue our training activity and now Mr. Mukul performing key role on decision making, helping to perform this voluntary activity.

Comment: Dr. Nihar Sarker and Mr. Abdul Bari Sikder both are silent social workers. They do not require any introduction to those who worked with them.  They believe in change in the community, which comes from the income of each house hold and they believes helping a person to have a job is a positive change for the entire family towards progress. I am happy and delighted to work with them. All of our effort coordinated by three of us and we will continue this activity in future.

Proof Reading and Support:

I am grateful to colleagues and friend who encourages me  and especially Mr. Lubelfeld who kindly took the pain of proof reading and providing some valuable input to strengthen the document. Thanks to all of them who provide their support and encouragement me to prepare documents and this website.

Future Project on Job Searching Guide: Job Training Project

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